Mar 20, 2011

Arrangement of Sunday Readings During Lent

The Sunday readings of all three cycles (A,B & C) during Lent have the Old Testament and the Gospel in focus with the second reading shedding light. Each year the Old Testament readings of the first 5 Sundays are arranged systematically:

1. Sunday of the Original Covenants: The Fall, the Covenant with Noah, the profession of faith by chosen people)
2. The Sunday with Abraham: His call, the sacrifice of Issac, God's Covenant with Abraham
3. The Sunday of Moses: Moses strikes the rock, the Law given to Moses, God reveals His name to Moses.
4. The Sunday of the people of the living God in the promised land: David, the exile and return, Passover in the promised land.
5. Sunday of the Prophets: Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah